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Secure your Call Of Duty Account From Hackers: Call of Duty is a very big name in the gaming industry. It has been two years since the launch of Call of Duty Mobile. The game has created hype all over the world. But as the game started becoming popular, so players complained that their accounts getting hacked.

If you, playing the game since the release date, you may know, in 2020, more than 500,000 Activision accounts got hacked. All their hard work had been in vain.

Today, in this article, we will talk about some tips and tricks to prevent your account from hackers getting hacked.

10 Tips & Tricks To Secure your Call Of Duty Account From Hackers

These are all tips and tricks preventing hackers from being able to access your account.

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#1- Use a strong password

The biggest reason for getting a COD mobile account hacked is the use of a weak password. The weak password can easily get cracked by using brute force and dictionary attacks.

You have to create a strong password for your Cod account. Here’s are some tips to create a strong password that increase your Activision Cod account security.

  • Avoid Using Names and birthdates:

Many players use their names and birthdate to create a password. This is the first big mistake they do. This type of password may be easy to guess.

  • Create Long Password:

Activision account passwords may contain between 8 to 20 characters, and we recommend using all 20.

  • Use Uppercase, Lowercase and Special Characters:

You should use, upper case (AGKZ), lower case (afrw) and special characters (&!?$%#*) to create your activation account password.

#2- Enable two-factor authentication

2-factor authentication is the best method to protect your Cod mobile account from being a hack. 2 FA Secure your Call Of Duty Account From Hackers.

Enable two-factor authentication in Activision account

#3- Use a unique password for every account

It is easy to re-use passwords you’ve used for other accounts because those passwords will remember for a long time. This is another big mistake we do.

Avoid using passwords that may relate to your Mail Id, gamer ID or your other accounts.

#4- Do not share account details or credentials

Many players give their login details to people they know and trust. As a result, those people change login details and hack players account.

Sharing account credentials can lead to unwanted and unintended consequences and expose your account to greater risk.

We recommend you avoid using share Cod and other account credentials people you know and trust. And Secure your Call Of Duty Account From Hackers.

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#5- Avoid scam websites and suspicious offers

Free CP, free cod points website, how to get free CP in codm

Many players log in their account details on the websites that boast they will give you free in-game items such as COD Points.

Also, avoid those websites which provide services that offer increasing rank, levelling up or other artificial game progression services.

Not only are these services violating Activision fair play policies, and they can also lead to a compromised account and expose your personal information.

#6- Do not buy, sell, or share accounts

Many scammers are promising to give you accounts that contain Legendary characters and Legendary Guns skins. they bluff to you, after spending money, they changes account email and password and your all money in vain.

Also, the selling or buying of the Call Of Duty accounts is prohibited in Call of Duty Mobile. Activision does not allow to buy and sell a Cod account. It violates their Terms of Use.

If you do, and Activision gets to know about it, your account will be banned.

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#7- Save Your Profile Information

Find Cod Mobile uid, codm uid, User ID in cod mobile

Getting a Cod Account hack is a nightmare. It should never happen that unluckily your account gets hacked. So you should have some information about your account that can prove that you are the actual owner of this account, and activation can help you out.

Save all the information mentioned below of your profile on the notepad of your mobile or computer. All this information will come in handy when you need help from Activation Support.

  • IGN ( In-game-name )
  • Player id ( go to Setting > Legal and Privacy ) UID ( User id )
  • Activision id
  • Yor Device name
  • COD account email id.

So, these were the 10 Tips & Tricks To Secure your Call Of Duty Account From Hackers. We hope you find this article helpful.



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